Why you should avoid daftar poker online sites?

Most people tend to go to online poker websites in order to make it big someday by winning continuously. And while there is nothing wrong with the idea to be fair, there is however a lot of other things which should be reason enough for you to not visit them. So, here are few reasons why you should avoid daftar poker online sites.

There are a lot of online poker websites which are not regulated or even licensed. And in most of these cases, there is no way for the person to understand that. These sites can easily cheat you into believing that they are genuine and as such, you should stay clear from them as much as possible. Unregulated companies are being caught day after day.
RNG System
As you probably know, the system used for generating what kind of cards you get in each hand is determined by something called an RNG (Random Number Generator) system. But there have been numerous cases in the past where certain poker online Indonesiasites had altered their RNG code to affect the game in a certain way suitable for their profit.

There have also been numerous cases of cheating the player’s money directly. This has more to do with the security system of the website. A lot of these incidents involved the winner not receiving his or her prize or having their bank account emptied. Surely, that is not something you would want to happen to yourself.
Stay away from daftar poker online sites
So, these are some of the reasons why you should stay away from agen poker sites at all costs. Yes, there are some people who have managed to make it big but they are too far and in between in number to make any noticeable impact.
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Raquel (Author)