Why not all e-liquids on the market are safe

Many people today use e-cigarettes because it has been termed safe unlike tobacco cigarettes. The main reason why slims ejuice is considered safe is because of the different types of ingredients used to make e-liquids. The ingredients used to make e-liquids are generally food grade ingredients making e-juices safe for inhalation. Despite this, not all the electronic cigarettes or e-juices you buy on the market are safe and some may be toxic. Any e-liquid that contains any level of liquid nicotine is not always for human consumption. In fact, using liquid nicotine in electronic cigarettes increases a person’s risk of death.

Liquid nicotine tends to be lethal when absorbed through the skin or ingested in the body. It is even more dangerous to inhale liquid nicotine unlike absorbing or ingesting it. It is highly recommended that before you buy e juice; consider buying one that does not contain liquid nicotine. Even if you want some nicotine in the e-juice, make sure that the amount of nicotine in the e-juice is very low. Another reason why electronic cigarettes may not be as safe is in the fact that many health agencies have not yet controlled the safety and quality of electronic cigarettes and e-juices.

While many people know that the main ingredients used in making e-juice include flavorings, nicotine, Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol, not all e-cigarette manufacturers disclose all the ingredients they put in their e-liquids. This is why many health agencies are unable to regulate whatever that goes into an e-juice. Recently it was discovered that electronic cigarette cartridges contain diethylene glycol in e-juices. This organic compound is considered poisonous and when you buy e liquid, it is crucial that you ensure the e-liquid does not contain this compound. Some companies also do not disclose nicotine amount in their e-juices, which makes their e-juices rise suspicions about their safety. click here to get more information Cheap E-Juice Online.

Raquel (Author)