Why android TV box is better than regular TV

Android TV box is an android based system that is just like a smart phone. You can conveniently install or uninstall the programs, games and the whole software. These are basically the set-up boxes for your TV that are based on the new technology. The new technology helps you avail greater benefits in the form of more entertainment as compared to the traditional methods of watching TV.

The advantages of Android TV box There are many benefits of having this new type of TV box to watch TV such as

You can play games

No one would have ever thought that one day the online android games can be played on the TV. TV was always designated as the idiot box because you could not direct it to play the stuff that you want. But, now your idiot box will turn smarter. You can play the android games on your TV with the help of KodiTV box.

You can browse the internet

The Android box will also enable you to browse the internet using your TV. Gone are the days when you had to stare hard into small screens of your PC or mobile phone. You can now have the facility to browse the internet freely on the big screen of your TV without straining your eyes.

You can stream videos directly

The videos can be directly streamed from You Tube or from the ones that have been stored on your storage device. This enables you to watch them on big screen in high definition. You can even use your Android box UK to share the news or websites with your friends or relatives easily by just the click of a button. Thus the work that was once the forte of android devices has now become possible with TV too.

Raquel (Author)