Why amelanotic melanoma is so dangerous?

A melanoma is a very toxic skin patch. It is just about the most dangerous due to its cellular qualities, since they are a result of cells which are grouped in a very peculiar method.

Melanocytes, those modest cells accountable for pigmenting our skin, can be active. They generally reproduce far more in certain areas and give go up to skin moles that load our skin. Even so, this capacity to reproduce at times plays in opposition to, giving increase to cancer causing activity.

However, when cancer is colored its therapy is quite feasible. If the affected person is attentive it is very probable an early diagnosis that helps prevent greater complications in these cases. Things take another direction when it comes to an amelanotic melanoma.

In these cases, the actual melanocytes reproduce and cause the lesion, but the color does not appear superficially. Until now the exact causes of this disease are not recognized, although physicians assume that it has to do, like all these skin lesions, with experience UV rays along with genetics.

This particular melanoma is quite dangerous which is due to the difficulty of its diagnosis. The lesion is not specifically severe, yet patients whom present this example usually consider much longer to identify it.

Some precautions

Despite the fact that these steps are applicable for every type of wounds, it must be considered that amelanotic melanoma is particularly dangerous. If you know that in your family there has been a previous the event of skin lesions of the type (pigmented or not) it’s time that you are more than attentive. Let’s see:

• Check the skin, including the significantly less visible locations such as the genital area and the area between the rear. The cancer is not pigmented but may possess a slight pink colored hue.
• Avoid exposing yourself to UV rays. Use sun block every day.
• Prevents any kind of mode involving insolation
• Avoid artificial sun tanning cameras whenever you can.