What’s Bitcoin and How Does it Work?

Bitcoin is your first decentralized peer reviewed money that’s controlled and controlled by its customers with no middleman or service. Bitcoin is devised with a Software Developer called Satoshi Nakamoto and with the Assistance of Bitcoin you can move money anywhere in the world immediately and with Less Transaction Fees.

The Digital Currency Bitcoin may also be used to purchase products and services online with no hassles and you merely require a bitcoin wallet (bitcoin cartera) to send and Receive Payments with the support of Bitcoin. Bitcoin Network is operated by Blockchain Network (An Open Ledger) which can help you to keep record of your trades.

If you would like to this digital money, Firstly you have to make a more bitcoin accounts and you then will get a more Bitcoin address which you may use to get payments from different customers and you might also send Bitcoin payments into other people.

Why Should You Pick Bitcoin?
1. Decentralized Money
Bitcoin Network isn’t controlled by any government or business so that it means that nobody can suspend your Btc with no Permission and you’re wholly independent to send your own bitcoin to anybody on earth.
2. Simple to Use
It’s simple to produce a bitcoin cartera as compare opening bank accounts in traditional banks. You simply should fill some fundamental information and your bitcoin wallet is ready and the procedure does not require more than 10 Minutes.
3. Transparent & Anonymous
You can make hundreds of bitcoin transactions one day without disclosing Your own personal details since bitcoin addresses aren’t connected along with your Name, E-mail Address or some other Personal Information.
4. Less Transaction Fees
Banks can require up to 10$ trade charges for global transfers, however with the support of bitcoin it is possible to send payments anywhere in the world with only a fees of less than 1.

Raquel (Author)