What is ONZ Coin and why it is going to be launched?

It is right to say that the digital currency has played an important role in the entire nation. It gives a new way to the investors and other that they can now make transactions easily within no amount of time. After the world famous bitcoins, the DPOS Coin is going to take place in the fast space era. Yes, this coin is the new and upcoming digital or blockchain currency. Its great features can merge ONZ wallet and blockchain with the social media sites. These days, many people spend their more time on the social networking or media sites. Every second person in the world is getting responses by sharing something on these sites. ONZ aims to make use of these compliments as of its assets.

In simple words, if an individual collects ten compliments from their social media account then the certain portion will be gone in their ONZ wallet. Then slowly-slowly it will enhance their assets, and they are allowed to purchase ONZ coin to these a large number of assets.
The working of this model is to unite the DPOS blockchain technology with social media or networking sites. Then the compliments will be turned into the token of ONZ cryptocurrency. An individual allowed making transactions of this token successfully. Also, a persona can receive or send these tokens to another party. The value of this coin depends on the people recognition. It is not an uncooked or bad idea as it seems an organized and well planned set up. It has developed in various sections to work well-
These units are-
• ONZ coin- unit of social value
• ONZ probe- adaptor
• ONZ stamp- asset stamping bot
• ONZ wallet- wallet
• ONZ net- crypto backbone
• ONZ scale- weight weighing
These were the units that you will get to see in new digital ONZ coin.

Raquel (Author)