What is next for IPTV?

You reveal I’ve been occupying the helm at Fierce IPTV for up to a month now, as well as the huge most of reports I have been seeing and talks I have been previously party to have needed to perform with subscriber numbers. This particularly continues to be this instance in the previous few weeks, as telcos throughout the globe have been reporting first quarter earnings. Since IPTV continues to be in its own young, growth-spurt stage, telcos have already been pleased to share iptv subscription subscriber growth figures, and highlight those amounts of their quarterly accounts. Surely, we will see more of the just like next quarter earnings reports happen to be filed that summer.

However, whilst subscriber growth is stimulating and in all probability will continue to fuel a good part of our articles, the time has come to have a broader, deeper try looking in IPTV tendencies and technology. This is a Couple of things I’m keeping consideration on today:
Back office and IMS integration of IPTV silos: As telcos are centered on first IPTV service launches and marketing campaigns, just how well have the a new product been incorporated into existing OSS structures? If those exact same telcos are chasing IP Multimedia Subsystem jobs, have IPTV offering been contemplated contained in the IMS program? I am betting the reply is “no” in both scenarios.
IPTV prices: Prices for Verizon Communications’ FiOS TV service increased throughout 2007. Satellite tv prices always increase, so perhaps IPTV players could only continue to roll together; nevertheless might cost climbs hurt IPTV adoption moving forward, particularly if telcos too need to bill customers extra for items including HD DVR services?
iptv uk integration with internet video: Both of these industries still seem like odd bedfellows to me personally, but new business organisations like Sezmi are seeking to assist telcos comprehend the internet video boom with many online video abilities using IPTV services.
Exactly what do you consider these regions and where they’re headed? Once we seem to dig deeper on the IPTV industry, exactly what are a few tendencies and technologies you think we ought to be watching carefully? Please post a remark and let us all know.

Raquel (Author)