Want to know about the Modafinil Side Effects?

Everything that is consumed in over limit is very harmful and dangerous to the health whether it is food or the medicine. People should be very careful while taking the medicine so that they can be safe from the side effects of the medicine. It is very important to read the terms and condition of the medicine before consuming it so that you can be safe from any harmful side effect. It is advisable to consult the doctor before taking any medicine for your heath safety. In this way you can be safe and healthy from the side effects of the medicine.

Below are the side effects of the modafinil:
1. Modafinil can cause the skin reaction: The side effect of the modafinil can be seen in the skin clearly. Even the skin reaction can be very severe that you have to consult the doctor for its treatment. If you notice such reaction in your skin while taking the medicine then you should stop consuming the medicine immediately.
2. Mouth sores: You may also feel that your mouth is souring after when you consume the modafinil. In this case you should consult the doctor immediately and stop consuming the medicine.
3. Shortness of breath: Some patient may feel the shortness of breath after the consumption of the medicine. They will feel the difficulty in breathing. In simple words you can say that the patient can have the side effect of the shortness of breath.
4. Jaundice: The major side effect of the medicine is that the patient can suffer from the jaundice. The yellow eyes and the yellow of the skin can be seen in the patient’s body.
These are the few side effects of the modafinil. If you see any sign of the side effect in your body then you stop consuming the modafinil medicine immediately.
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Raquel (Author)