Using replay video capture on windows 7 and 8

On Windows 7 you can use any browser and then you want to start playing the movie that you want to capture in this case, what you want to do is you start playing the video and then click get video within replay video capture. When you want to start the movie you click get video once replay video capture finds the video window for you you’ll see the coordinates right here in your replay video capture user interface.

you can close the browser window and move your video back to the very beginning so that when your browser window opens it opens right at the beginning of the movie. This is because Netflix remembers where you left off then you want to go to settings tools scheduler open now it brings up the schedule recordings window. Then put my mouse in the URL file path field and click control V for paste. On the window position you’ll notice is the same that it was in the user interface.

You set the start time for whatever time you want your video to start recording for the purposes of this demonstration. Click on set current time adding your preferred minutes and by setting it up to start capturing depending on your preferred minutes or hour from the set time.
For example that the Breakfast Club was an hour and 37 minutes or something so I would set it up to maybe an hour 45 just to make sure I have it covered.
The only other thing to note is that you want to make sure that all the necessary setting box is checked before you click Save or schedule it. Once the schedule time have reached the schedule window will disappeared and your browser will open up automatically showing the replay video capture starting.

Raquel (Author)