Understanding the concept behind Area Networks

As internet is now available in all the developed countries and the developed cities of under developed countries, the internet network is something that has expanded by the day exponentially. You would be amused to know that presently in the world, the total internet wire network is long enough to take you from earth to moon and back to earth with some wire left. We all are users of the internet in many ways. We either use it up for professional purposes or gaming purposes or just for entertainment. Words like LAN, Ark Server List and many more are just used by us on daily basis. So it is very important for us to the network behind internet.

Primarily, there are three kinds of Area Networks. LAN stands for Local Area Network. Secondly, we have WAN which stands for Wide Area Network and finally we have at the third sport MAN which stands for Metropolitan Area Network. Don’t get it confused by the servers such as Ark Servers List they add on to these networks way later. Now talking about LAN, it is local area network, as the name suggests it is meant for a locality or small place. Like an organisation or a colony. Children usually take their gaming to the next level by adding on a server from an Ark Servers list so that they have more fun. Now moving on we have MAN. This network is usually used for a graphical area of a city covering all the houses and offices in the city.

Finally, we have WAN. This kind of network is talked about when we are talking about a very large geographical area. Such as connecting a whole country or even connecting countries together. Area networks are a simple topic you should know about.

Raquel (Author)