Truth about Marijuana Use

Following a decade of decline, marijuana use has steadily grown among American youth. The University of Michigan’s Monitoring the Future study, which evaluates alcohol and drug use reported significant increases from 1992. Increases in marijuana smoking are a part of a disturbing national trend where cigarette smoking, alcohol abuse as well as using cocaine as well as other substances may also be increasing.

According to the 1998 National Household Survey on Drug Abuse (NHSDA), marijuana was the most often used illegal drug.
Sixty percent of drug users report using marijuana that is only.
An additional 20 percent report using marijuana and another illicit drug.
This adds up to 18 million Americans, including kids, who reported using marijuana before year.
More than 137,564,000 Americans were treated for marijuana abuse in 1994.

The NHSDA also reported that among those using marijuana on 12 or more days throughout the last year, 58 percent of individuals had one issue which they related to their marijuana use, 41 percent had two issues and 28 percent had at least three issues which they related to their marijuana use.

The issues related to marijuana use were greatest among the youngest age groups. Almost 75 percent of kids and adolescents (12- to 17-year olds) who used marijuana on 12 or more days before year experienced major issues related to use. Forty-two percent experienced three or even more issues, including loss of control above their use. You can legally use medical cannabis for treatment purpose by buy weed online Canada from online.

Raquel (Author)