Truck Driving Jobs – Tips on Finding Felony Jobs As a Truck Driver

Truck driving is now a favorite task for felons. This may be a life altering career with long term potential and advantages. Dry van jobs for felons offer freedom on the open road together with comfort and safety as one of the high paying felon favorable employment.
As per a recent analysis, the U.S. trucking sector is currently coming out of this downturn and is growing at a rate of 4 to 6%. From the end of 2011, the business will have to hire approximately 200,000 extra driver. It’s uncommon to find a business having this sort of potential particularly in this kind of market.

This can be good news for ex convicts that are on the lookout for felon friendly job, with a few exceptions. There are two Kinds of felonies which can stop you from becoming a truck driver:
1. Supply of, possession with intent to distribute, or importation of a controlled substance.
2. The use of criminal force such like a gun or knife.
The hiring of automobile drivers is highly regulated by the Federal Motor Carrier Association and should you’ve got one of both of these different types of felonies you won’t get hired with any trucking company. If you’ve got another kind of statute in your record you are still able to push a truck and discover businesses which hire felons.
Before firms that hire felons will consider you, then you’ll need to get a Commercial Driving License (CDL) to become a professional truck driver. There are hundreds of trucking schools all across the US which may allow you to get your CDL however before you invest your money on instruction, call some trucking firms first and discover out if they’re prepared to hire you once you get your CDL. Some truck delivery businesses which hire felons might even offer to train you for free.
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Raquel (Author)