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Top questions to ask a real estate agent

Choosing a real estate agent to sell my house fast can be difficult. There are many of them available and knowing where to start can be difficult. But if you want to choose a real estate agent, there are certain questions you must ask the agent to determine whether the agent is right for you. The first and the most important question to ask a real estate agent is the fees and any other additional charges the agent charges. Knowing the fees is important because it will enable you determine whether you can afford to pay the agent. It will also enable you budget accordingly even if it means using multiple estate agencies.

You should also ask about the type of contract the agency is offering. When looking at various ways on how to sell your house fast, it is very easy to forget about the different contracts offered by the real estate agents. It is better to ask the agent to show you the copy of the contracts and determine whether the contracts will be favorable to you once you decide to hire the agent. When looking at the contract, also determine the duration you will be locked into the contract. In addition, find out what will happen in case you terminate the contract before maturity.
Another question to ask regards the asking price the agent would suggest and why that price seems ideal to the agent. Before estate agents can sell houses to we buy houses companies or private homebuyers, they usually evaluate the local and national housing markets to value prices of homes among other factors. The agent should give you a good asking price that is higher than what you initially estimated. You must also determine the number of houses similar to yours that the agent has sold, the different prices those houses achieved and how long it took the agent to sell the houses.

Raquel (Author)