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Tips to Download Online Videos

Watching videos is everybody’s favorite pastime online. Everybody has a favorite place to watch videos, Youtube, and the likes, but viewing videos on the various websites might be a problem when you’ve got a slow online connection.

Would not it be great to first download these videos then see it as if you would a complete picture, without interruptions? Possessing a video marathon weekend to help you distress, or even to keep up as a personal selection. The website does not have an integrated download attribute but that does not matter since we have accumulated16 Ways to get your favorite online videos for virtually every possible platform.

Shortcut to get videos through:

• Web services

• Browser extensions

• Desktop

• Mobile

Download through internet services:

Just have to conduct a fast download? Try out these few Online Video Downloader sites where all you have to do is set in the video URL.


KeepVid is rather straightforward to use. Just enter the video URL (video’s page address) and click on the Download button. Then you’ll be shown the many formats that the video could be downloaded in, together with their download links.

Click on the proper link and the video will get downloaded. You can use it for Youtube etc. Additionally, it has a KeepVid app you may download for Windows but you have to get a license to trigger its use.


ClipNabber is an Online Video Downloader tool to download videos. It is available in various foreign languages. The practice of downloading videos from ClipNabber is like others: input the video’s page address in the input field and click on the Nab! Button.

You will observe the many different formats that the video may be downloaded in. Choose your favorite format and begin downloading the video.


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