The real football league is bundesliga

Though the English and Spanish football leagues are glamorous and can spend enormous amounts of money on buying the players and giving them salaries, there are still some leagues that do not value money but their fans. They understand what fussball is all about and give due credit to the sport. One such league that has garnered this kind of reputation is Bundesliga.

What is Bundesliga?
Football Bundesliga football is the league that is played in Germany. This German league is their primary league and the best performers in the league are the ones that go for DFL-supercup. However, the teams that participate in bundesliga are the ones that qualify for DFB-Pokal.
Generally, all the teams do all in their might to win the league but the club that has been most consistent in its efforts is Bayern Munich. They have won the Bundesliga maximum times and that is 26 times in the history of bundesliga. These wins have been registered in the league that has seen 54 clubs competing against each other since the inception of Bundesliga in the year 1963.
The second most watched league in the world
This league is not just a top ranker in Germany. All over Europe too this league is ranked as the number two by UEFA ranking. This ranking is based on the performance of various teams in various European football competitions that were held during last five years.

fussball bundesliga (World Championship Football) is run by the German Football league and is definitely the most awaited event during the summers not only in Germany but all over Europe and world. If you are a football fan, then you cannot miss Bundesliga at any cost as it is the heart and soul of football. The excitement and thrill that is offered by Bundesliga is nowhere else to be found.

Raquel (Author)