The Process of Construction

The phase of construction begins immediately the bidding process is done with. When compared to traditional management of the project, you will find differences in phases of construction. If you check how does a punch list work by Topteny, you will find that there are several differences in the construction phase but they all tend to follow the same principles.

Here is what you will find at how does a punch list work by Topteny.
Initiation: When the project is starting, there is a need for a business case to be created and evaluated to ensure that the project is feasible. The stakeholders are tasked to perform feasibility testing accordingly. Once there is a determination and all parties agree to be able to advance with the said project, a PID, which is a project initiation document is then developed, which includes the business needs and the business case.

Planning: After the initiation, there is a roadmap which is created by the project team, which is referred to as a project management plan. It is a formal document which outlines the control and execution of the project. The PMP also archives the cost, the scopes, and schedule. Apart from the PMP, the planning phase is where the following documents are created:

o Documentation and scope statement: It is the one which establishes the business benefits, business need, objectives, deliverables, and other important milestones.
o Breakdown structure for work: it represents manageable chunks of the scope breakdown.
o Communication plan: It defines communication tools, roles, and methods used to achieve communication objectives and goals. With different teams and different communication styles involved, the plan involves a basic framework which ensures everyone is on the same page and no conflicts or disagreements happen.
o Risk management plan: It is the one which identifies risks which are likely to happen like cost estimates and nonviable time.