The ideal heat logs for your home

Wood is still one of the main sources of fuel for heating systems, especially in single-family homes.
At present, there are several types of wood fuels in their natural form such as firewood, sawdust, shavings, pallets, kiln dried logs among others.

In Lekto wood fuels we are specialists in wood fuel heating throughout our history we have been characterized by supplying our customers with the best logs for sale available in the market and also the best quality. Our mission is to make your purchase of wood fuel a more pleasant and quick experience since you can purchase the product that best suits your needs, just by clicking on our online store.

Lekto wood fuels offer a wide range of products of logs for sale, among which stand out the heat log of hardwood of Lekto specially designed for open fire, multiple fuel stoves, wood boilers etc. Its main advantage is the high heat registers that burn at much higher temperatures than traditional logs.

Then we have our bark briquettes specially designed to heat for more than 8 hours without having to go to fan the fire, are widely recommended for closed appliances, wood stoves, and multi-fuel. And it is also respectful of the environment.

We also have our birch briquettes designed for easy storage in those homes where a lot of space, this type of briquettes are burned at a rapid and slow fire providing a lot of heat,

It is a very easy and fast fuel to ignite, being able to adjust its ignition according to your preference in terms of duration and intensity of heat. It is important to note that when this type of briquette is burned, it expands, so it is advisable to pay special attention to its placement inside the stove. Winter is approaching and Lekto wood fuels are the solution.

Raquel (Author)