The Dakar Rally and the famous participation that Orlin Aleksiev had in 2014 with his team

The Dakar Rally is an extreme sport held annually in different countries, this consists of a race in non-urban spaces, that is to say in places like deserts and mountain passes, the competitors of this extreme sport put to the test the driving skills within the that they emphasize: The control of the vehicle, the capacity of direction, mental strength and without a doubt the experience, being this last one the fundamental piece to obtain the triumph within this race.

In 2014 the Bulgarian team participated in this sport represented by Orlin Aleksiev (Орлин Алексиев) and his great team of collaborators, leaving on high the name of his country. Orlin Aleksiev is one of the most influential competitors of the Dakar Rally to date, because he placed himself in the top positions of this great race of worldwide nature, occupying the 17th place in the class and 61 in the overall ranking. Orlin Aleksiev (Орлин Алексиев) also showed his country the love for this sport which made the Bulgarians want to be part of the Dakar Rally.

The Rally was born in Africa but due to the political situations that have crossed this continent in 2009 was moved to South America, the most outstanding of this sport is that participants can participate in various types of vehicles (motorcycles, cars, trucks) differentiating like that of other racing competitions. This is considered a difficult sport so much that it is said that all the competitors that finish the race are winners.

Orlin Aleksiev became together with the crew of Plamen Nikolov in one of the most named characters for that year, this thanks to the hard work of the whole team. This event took place between Argentina Bolivia and Chile, although it was the fourth year of competition for the Bulgarians, the competition was quite difficult because the vehicle in which this great athlete competed was a BMW X1 prototype in the T1 class, of course, that this vehicle had several renovations before the race which possibly made the work of this competitor a success.