The BrainFog can affect your work performance

The current rhythm of life leads to a high level of stress that can affect anyone at some point in their life, leading them to feel as if their brain is cloudy, BrainFog, this will undoubtedly affect the way of thinking, the taking of decisions, in the clarity one has and all this can have a negative impact on the person’s work performance.Many factors may be involved in this aspect but the most common are: a large number of tasks, a constant and significant level of stress, a poor diet based on junk foods and a few hours of sleep. All these factors have a negative influence in relation to the levels of blood glucose that are available and therefore the quality of thinking is affected by BrainFog.

Glucose is the fuel that the body needs to function and if for some reason it does not produce enough and reserves are depleted, the brain is affected and cannot function optimally causing it to feel cloudy and unable to understand clearly what happens or make decisions assertively.This is not something that happens overnight, the BrainFog comes for continuous and lasting exposure to the risk factors described above, for example, a bad night’s sleep or a week of misalignment in relation to a balanced diet does not they will cause significant damage if it is an unusual event. The real problem occurs when these factors are constantly present in your life.

When evaluating the routines of successful people it has been determined that all millionaires had common habits such as focusing on a specific task at the same time, a healthy and balanced diet is another of the fundamental factors that were achieved were all together as well as practicing activities that allow them to reduce stress levels and an absolute respect for a good rest with a healthy sleep.