summing mixer: the device that gives the analog summing touch to your work, making your music more professional

Vintagemaker offers you the best summing mixer, In sound recording and reproduction, and sound reinforcement systems, a summing mixer is an electronic device for combining sounds of many different audio signals. Is a maximum expression of a reduced mixing table, which is used to give a touch of analog summing the process is very simple simply through inputs the processor mixes and generates a stereo output with controlled volume. There are types of summing mixer such as passive and active or both 2in1 active and passive.

An active summing mixer consists of a more complex electronic design where it makes the process more transparent with the printing of characteristic sounds. The passive summing mixer is much simpler, in fact, it allows you to create a process that generates good harmonic content for sound mix but needs an output signal amplifier – mic pre to generate the ideal level of the line.These technological devices fulfill several functions that make them characteristic, starting with the volume control and panorama by channel, this also includes several outputs, a stereo compressor, or a control room section with a selection of monitors, inputs from other stereo sources.

Basically, the summing mixer sum all the instrument sounds to a final master stereo, processing them so that they all come out together in a uniform way; Vintagemaker offers the summing mixers that are more in trend and even though you do not know which one to choose from, this page offers you the personification area where you can find your custom adder mixer that fulfills all the functions that they require.VintageMaker has everything you need in relation to mix that help in the process of creating purely analog works, this type of equipment is quite useful when creating final mixes and music tracks, and taking into account the budget you have, you can find multiple functional monitors that easily adapt to the pocket of the buyer, everything is a matter of knowing how to choose or be very clear that it is what you are looking for to make the selection process much simpler.