Steps to use the electrum bitcoin god wallet

As the technology is getting advanced, various new methods and techniques have evolved that help their user to sell and purchase crypto-currency. One such method is Electrum Bitcoin God Wallet; this is one of the best and most popular wallets that allow their users to store crypto-currency safe. People who make a daily transaction with bitcoin can easily use this wallet. But there are few who do not know how to use this wallet and often face various problems while doing transactions. If you are also thinking the same then here is a step-by-step guide available that will help you know to use this bitcoin wallet.

A guide to using the electrum god wallet:
Download and install
The foremost thing that you have to do is download the latest version of electrum wallet onto your mobile or PC. After downloading the wallet, you need to install it on the PC or smartphone.
Secure it!
When the installation process is completed, you now have to make the wallet secure with the safe and secure password. However, when you use this wallet, there are several instructions that you need to follow and fill the information.
Backup seed
After you secure the wallet, you have to create a backup seed format where you have to generate a 12 words password. This password will be used at the time when any unforeseen happens and will easily restore the wallet. After this, you have to re-enter the password to make sure that you have entered the right password or not.
Displaying the bitcoin amount
After you follow the above-mentioned procedure, you need to click the display option. This will easily help you know the transaction amount. If in case, due to any unforeseen situation you forget the transaction amount, then you can easily see it with the help of display option.
After reading the above contest, you will surely be able to use the electrum bitcoin god wallet.

Raquel (Author)