Statistics about the salary of maids in Hong Kong

Majority of the people called foreign domestic helper come from Hong Kong, and they are mainly maids and more maids, their employers are majorly from Hong Kong too. According to some statistics, the way the income of Filipino maid (菲傭) have been raised by employment agency (僱傭中心) is alarming, just because they want to train them. It is in record that in Hong Kong for example, their salary is quite higher than the minimum wage. Not less than 60% of employers pay more than minimum wage both in the formal and informal setting. As compared to the statistics of 5 years ago, the salary increased by 8%.

In Hong Kong, there has been a rapid increase in the number of FDHs (Foreign domestic helpers), over the years, as compared to other countries of the world, this includes both Indonesia maids, Filipino maids and other kinds of foreigners. As at the month of June, 2017, the number of Filipino maid reached 200,000 in the city of Hong Kong. Talking about the education of the maids, they are very much educated as the average level of education was just a little higher than the one that a Filipino maid (菲傭) has.

There were a lot of cases where people wanted the service of a maid all because they wanted them to In turn communicate with their children so that they can become fluent in speaking and improve their English level generally. Specifically, the Filipino race is so diversified, in the sense that they are a mix of many ethnic groups, and three races. 10% are blacks, 30% are Indonesians and 40% are males and other category. This statistics gives a reason as to other ways an agency like (HL&C) can help a household.

Raquel (Author)