Some tips to get faster online after moving house

So you are moving to a new place and need to set up broadband and phone at new address. If you are planning to move present network or first time buyer, it will take two weeks for setting new service or transferring the existing network. So do not need to wait until you shift your house. Here are some tips to arrange new network in much less time.
1. Check availability at new address
Check home wifi installation london services available at new address with average speed you want by using the postal code checker. The result will show that you should remain with current provider or switch to other network.

2. Compare the competition
If your network provider does not come under new area where you are moving or you want to use this opportunity to switch then take time and compare different services available at new address. You can find cheapest deals of broadband but they may charge wifi installation Londonfee, monthly cost and rental.
3. Review your contract
If the current broadband service does not come in new postal code move your phone and their service can get tricky if you are leaving the contract mid way.
4. Notify current service
If you can able to continue with current broadband service, usually it is nice and can transfer easily to the new address. They have such facility to move with the customers.
5. Confirm new terms of contract
If you want to keep phone number same then tell ISP when you book new broadband to avoid issue of new phone number that automatically comes with new network service.
6. Know network speed
If you use new broadband with new address see whether you benefit from upgrading to the superfast service.

Raquel (Author)