Science Based Six Pack Review – Is it For Real?

You have likely heard about science based six pack from Thomas Delauer. If you think what you read then you will likely feel that this can be an idiot-proof guide to getting six pack abs quickly. However, can the program be reliable? Read this review to learn.

Is Your Program Unique?

At first glance, Thomas Delauer’s eBook appears to be somewhat different from the standard six pack abs, fat loss, weight loss and physical fitness programs available right now.

The primary differences are:

No cardio, no dieting, no stomach machines, no other fat loss pills or supplements without a “health foods”.
He justifies this by telling us that he’s just interesting in showing us “what works”.

Among the most essential theories he teaches is that the thought that abdominal exercises are useless without decreasing body fat percent.

You see, to be able to uncover your six pack abs you want to strip down the amount of fat covering them. Unfortunately, sit-ups and crunches alone won’t get this work done for you.

So Geary shows one of the very best exercises for losing that belly fat, also at the fastest possible time. I’ve a sense that it is not the exercises you would expect!

Merely to remove any uncertainty, Truth About Programmer does have a section on the best abdominal exercises, but this just a tiny part of this abs program. You are going to be disappointed if that is what you’re searching for.
Is Thomas Delauer’s Program A Scam?

This is possibly the most asked question on my website, and every now and again you will notice a comment on a YouTube movie or some thing calling the guy a scammer.

Nevertheless, the very first thing I think to myself would be, “how do you sell half a million copies of an eBook if it is a scam?” I mean OK, sometimes these things occur. However, this program has been online for five years or more today.

Raquel (Author)