Reasons Why Smokers Switched To The E Cig

In today’s world where everything seems to have taken a turn towards electronics and gadgets, it seemed so out of the ordinary to continue the use of cigarettes. Not only was it considered to be a nasty pollutant-causing item but it did also contribute to a lot of ash, trash and unnecessary expenditures over the course of one’s life. At first there seemed to be no possible cure for this issue and smokers and cigarette lovers continued with their use of cigarettes and cigars. But this was only until the time when the electronic cigarette or e cig was created. After this invention, the use of ordinary cigarettes lessened considerably and many people started using these ones more. Not only are they a lot easier to use but they also cost way less than the ordinary worth of buying cigarettes. Apart from the ease of use, there are plenty of other advantages to using an electric cigarette.

One of the major issues that many smokers face is the fact that their clothes are burnt by the embers of the cigarette. Due to this, many people (including many of my friends and family friends) have ruined and lost many of their favorite shirts, pants, trousers and other clothing items. The use of the e cigarette poses none of any such problems. Another major that has largely been despised and looked down upon by people and health specialists alike is passive smoking. Smokers are often looked down upon for the fact that they ruin the health of others too by means of passive smoking. Not only has this issue been largely debated upon but also one of the main reason smoking is condemned is because it ruins not only the health of the consumer but also of those in his vicinity. Now this issue can be resolved by use of electronic cigarettes.

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Raquel (Author)