Pokemon GO Tips for New EX Raid Players

As Pokemon GOEX Raid battle testing continues, programmer Niantic continues to be hosting conflicts in new places and sending more invites out to gamers. Even though this is good news for lovers keen to try their hands in the brand new game play feature, these new EX stunt players can struggle as a result of inexperience.
It is no secret that Pokemon GO players really like to help out each other. After seeing a small catastrophic EX Raid conflict event in San Francisco, one participant has summarized a few hints for novices into the attribute. This list includes items for new EX Raid gamers to know about Pokemon Go Promo Code before attempting to take on the supervisor:

Keep a look out for mentions of EX Raid invites on Discord, or anything communication station local Pokemon GO players generally utilize to organize meetups and raid efforts. When there is not much chatter, then it is very likely that the EX Raid is going to probably be overrun by spoofers.
If it appears like that the EX Raid is going to incorporate a good deal of spoofers, players must prepare you by attracting several Max Potions and Max Revives only if multiple efforts are required. Maxing counter Pokemon can also be advocated as spoofers are often ill-prepared and do not deliver the best counters to your occupation.
Furthermore, if gamers do need to fight over once, combine the reception prior to recovery Pokemon. Otherwise, the lobby may start fighting before the participant has managed to combine.
Players should arrive in the EX Raid struggle early and certainly should not arrive — this manner they could combine the initial public lobby, providing themselves the best chance at finishing the conflict.

Raquel (Author)