New Alternative Alcohol Treatment Methods For Men

Virtually all present treatment for men’s alcohol abuse and abuse is based upon the typically ineffectual AA/12 Measure model. Even if choice are available they nevertheless have a tendency to be predicated on a “disorder” version that isn’t applicable for over 85 percent of those men searching for some kind of mens sober living .

The primary problem is that many “programs” were made by AA adherents that are very threatened by the very notion that their way is not the sole way – although their way has less than the 5 percent success rate. Honestly, doing nothing – that the spontaneous remission rate – has a much better record than that.
The next problem is that usually competent, effective, and intelligent men are not going to register for being “helpless” or “diseased”.
Alternatives? The major option is to look at real research to change and implement that to removing a behavior, which is, after all, what alcohol misuse is a behavior, a working mechanism that has gotten out of control. Our programs are based on that research.
How do you remove the alcohol misuse? Managing behavior modification means looking at exactly what need alcohol misuse is filling. We do not abuse alcohol because we are dumb. We all do it because it works. Shifting means discovering what works best in the long term, as, realistically, nothing works better in the brief run.
When? Sooner is far better than later. Just like with any state – clinical, financial, non invasive – the sooner you address and fix it, the less tumultuous the procedure, the more options, and the greater the results. Another very unfortunate side effect of current mens sober living is that an individual would need to be an idiot to register until they had reached a near terminal condition. Who else could volunteer for being a diseased and helpless failure sentenced to a lifetime of being “in recovery”?

Raquel (Author)