Modulator attaches (Modularne uticnice), the place will not be a problem

Prefer a switch or perhaps socket on the variety of pavements or floors the modulator offers a range of remedies in terms of set up with different Internet protocol protections, parapet stations, partition cabinets or perhaps various floorboards boxes.

We all put the array of diversity, the selection is in a person.
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Modulator plugs (modularne uticnice) modulating connect sockets let the connection regarding devices, tools or non-modular electric and electronics in electric panels of the industrial and also industrial scope.
Our sales network associated with TEM products is supplied by “do-it-yourself” stores, specialized stores and workers of power products via our various distributors, which also provide dependable partners together with excellent assistance in the skilled field.
TEM lighting creates a place of peace, sensuality, and romance. It is a characteristic of evening time and peaceful places, possibly from residences or in the office. Its ignition is gentle and extended, for that reason it generates an atmosphere of tranquility.
TEM provides a range of basic switches, which usually establish a natural, compact and elegant design that could adapt to virtually any environment where you work, with out deviating from the internal, but rather harmonizing the idea.
TEM in its chosen range of top quality provides a variety of products including modular perspective socket (nadžbukna lift-up nauticnica), submersible modular socket (podžbukna modular nauticnica), modular style socket (dizajnerska modularna uticnica).
Flip-up socket (Modularna uticnica)the top investment in the particular electrical place to achieve the productive operation of acquiring your own electrical appliances, lighting will never be a problem.
Auto line is curved smoothly, ergonomics attractive especially for you.
You can choose between bright refractive surfaces along with a contemporary material look.
Your soft shape will find the place, in the modern interiors and in classics.
Visit us and find out about our own products as well as the best prices on the market only with TEM, we adapt to the comfort

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