Making Cash Quickly on Hay Day- 3 Amazing Tricks

Using Tom to Earn Money Quickly on Hay Day

Tom is a little like an errand boy. You get Tom when you get to level 14. When this occurs, you can use him free for the day. Take advantage of this! You then can certainly pay 15 diamonds to get him for one day. hay day cheats have some excellent method to earn money quickly on Hay Day. The game does give diamonds often, thus hoard those diamonds and get Tom working on occasion for you personally.

First, when you buy Tom make sure you are free for the day. It’s possible for you to send Tom to locate you goods and harvests every 2 hours, and you would like to benefit from this. You sell those for the very best cost at your roadside store, and can then get goods affordable from him. Go for the goods that are priciest you can on your degree.

It is possible to do good sending Tom. These harvests sell fast since they take such a long time to grow and sell high. Check your roadside store to find out what goods would be the highest. Send Tom after those then offer them away in your store that is roadside. Do not sell to your farm to visitors, they do not pay full cost. Use the roadside store instead.

Uncommon Things Trick in Hay Day

Uncommon things are work in the mine, and things used to enlarge or clear your land, upgrade buildings. Here is a little known hay day hack to getting things that are uncommon quickly in Hay Day. Wheat can be planted by you and pick it every two minutes. So start putting a lot of triticum. You grow, you get a rare thing.

Should you sell off everything but triticum in your stock, then triticum will be only requested by visitors. The more you’ve stockpiled, the more they ask for. Only keep selling it! click here to get more information Hay Day Free Diamonds.

Raquel (Author)