Making a Choice from Dr brown fles Feeding Bottles

A quality feeding bottle can be one of the best gifts that a newborn baby can receive from people. This gift means a lot to the baby as the health and healthy growth of the baby can depend on it. Health growth is ensured from right feeding habit and taking of a balanced diet. Babies desire he the right bottle that will fit well into their mouth without given them difficulty in feeding. The issue of gas accumulation in the tummy of babies can be reduced from the use of Dr brown fles glass feeding bottles. The glass feeding bottles are made with a vent system that prevents the intake of air and pressure.

The choice of the bottle to choose depends on the desire of the consumer. One must not forget the fact that babies are the real user of feeding bottles so that personal like and designs do not overrule the choice of the bottle as compared with the fitness to what the baby can use. Taking the nipple for the Dr brown fles feeding bottle, for instance, the nipple type to choose should mainly be determined by how fast the baby sucks from the bottle. We have fast and high flow nipples, which deliver its content with a considerable speed to the mouth of babies as they draw.

Others are moderately slow nipples that deliver the food content slowly into the mouth of the baby. No matter how fast the baby is trying to suck the content, the rate of delivery is slow and constant. So the choice of the Dr brown fles glass feeding bottle to choose heavily depends on the baby. So a baby must be carefully studied to make a healthy choice of the bottle, as a slow nipple bottle will not be convenient for a baby that eats fast and a fast delivery nipple is not also the best from babies that take their time to eat.

Raquel (Author)