LVNV Funding, Ask For the Debt Validation Letter

Having lvnv is becoming a common problem among the debtors. But the solution to this problem is not that common. So many people are unable to find the solution for this problem. So here we are to help them how to tackle this problem and solve it through a legal way. Which will be easy and suitable for you. So Here we will talk about removing LVNV funding from credit reports. So that everyone can remove it from their credit reports. Here, first of all, we are going to tell you about the first method or step to remove the LVNV funding collections from your credit report. The first step is to ask for the debt validation letter from them. They are not the original creditors so they may not have the debt validation letter for you. First of all, let us explain that what is a debt validation letter and how it will help you tackle it.

Debt validation letter is a letter which proves or shows that the debt is yours. So while asking for the debt validation letter, you will need to know about that. You will only require to ask them for a Debt validation letter. It will prove that the debt is yours. Also, it will let them know that you know your rights. You are not just asking for the letter but you are asking for the rights that you have got in Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. So asking for the debt validation letter will let them know that you are aware of your rights. And it is sure that they will be unable to show you a debt validation letter. Because debt validation letter is always given by the real creditors. But the LVNV funding agency may have purchased your debt from the creditor so they do not have any debt validation letter and they have to remove the funding from your credit report.

Raquel (Author)