Live the life of the locals with Homestay Melaka

If you are a travel enthusiast, then you must be very interested in the local culture of the place that you are visiting apart from site seeing. Travelling to new places has its own perks, you get to see new things, you learn about different culture, language, food, dressing and what not. So if you want authenticity of Melaka then Homestay di Melaka is your best option. Here you will be able to mingle with the locals freely.

Different options for Homestay Melaka:
1. Herein House Melaka Mela.
2. Manis cottage lodge.
3. Chin Hua holiday home 2, Melaka
4. Sunshine Jonker Guest House.
5. Tropical Terrace Homestay.
6. Luv2stay Melaka.
7. Famosa Homestay.
There are Homestays with a varied range of price. Some are big some are small. Some are more secure than the other. You can choose your Homestay according to your budget and preference. The locals are very kind hearted and very helpful. They will give a warm welcome to make you feel like home. HomestayMelaka offers free parking space, Wi-Fi, room services etc. By staying in these Homestays you get to experience the diverse culture of Melaka.

But make sure that the locals and you must have a good understanding from both sides. Do not do something irrational or be disrespectful towards them that might result in a conflict. Just try to blend in with ambience and with the people, explore new things with the help of the locals who have good knowledge about the place, take in as much new information as you can about the place that you are visiting.
Homestay Ayer Keroh lets you experience the raw and authentic places along with exploring new cultures and knowing the historical background of Melaka. You won’t be able to experience all of these while staying in a hotel where you will be quite aloof from the locals.

Raquel (Author)