Lego – Nevertheless As Popular As Ever

Lego – that the children’s toy consisting of multi colored plastic interlocking bricks -has been “born” in 1934 when Danish master carpenter and toymaker, Ole Kirk Kristiansen, combined the Danish words “leg godt” – that means “play nicely” – to form the now famous brand name.

They weren’t an immediate success as plastic toys were regarded as poor to wooden ones in this moment. There were a few early problems with the brick’s bending skills and it wasn’t till 1958 that the modern design was designed.

Then, it required an additional five years to find precisely the right material for optimal performance. The material selected in 1963 has been acrylonitrile butadiene styrene – or ABS – quite common now, but revolutionary and innovative at that moment.

Back in 1959 Lego was released into the UK, Belgium and France. The product was launched in the United States and Canada in 1961 and has been an immediate success. Continuous development and the introduction of new ranges – often tied in with significant motion pictures – has assured that Lego remains popular now with the kids and grandchildren of the first generation to get their hands on it.

At, you will find product lines for all ages – starting from the youngest kids whose requirements are catered for by the Duplo variety, the standard selection and also the technical and Mindstorm ranges for older kids, teens and even adults. Themed sets exist for Pirates, Dinosaurs, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Batman, Bionicles etc.

There are now no fewer than four “Legoland” theme parks in life (just one in Denmark, one in the United Kingdom, one in Germany and one in the USA). Adults and kids can visit to view amazing examples of lego models and creations, see themed places, and go on pleasure rides and also push electric lego cars or pilot lego boats.

Raquel (Author)