Keemstar net worth and his career as YouTuber

Keemstar is a popular name on YouTube. His followers know him as video game streamer and a YouTuber. Keemar original name is Daniel M. Keem. Keemstar is his pseudo name which he uses for his videos. DJ Keemstar fan following is very huge. Be it Instagram, YouTube or Twitter, he has millions of followers. The main source of Keemstar net worth is social media sites. He is known for ‘Drama Alert’; a web series based on various internet topics. He got the idea of this series from his popularity on Twitter. His comment # Drama Alert# caught the attention of many followers. This made him realized the growing interest of people in such kind of topics. Well, knowing his potential he launched his own YouTube with the same name. As anticipated the channel got attention from millions of viewers and soon became a mega-hit.

Social media has given a new way of earning money to many people. Many people have earned millions from these sources. Killer Keemstar is one of them. Keemstar net worth is estimated to be around $2 Million. His first video was uploaded in the year2009. For his video, he got around 100000 likes. His YouTube channel ‘Drama Alert’ is on the list of Top1000 YouTube Channels. Keemstar net worth proves that an individual can earn a good income if he knows how to make full utilization of available resources. Keemstar monthly income is highly variable. It may be anything in the range of $7000 – $100,000. The major reason behind this wide difference is the payment range of YouTube. Per 1000 YouTube view, owner of the video may earn anything from $.25-$4. Killer Keem being so popular gets around 9, 30,000 viewers almost every day. Keemstar net worth has let him bought a new house as well as white Chevrolet Corvette Z06 in the year 2016.

Raquel (Author)