Huawei P10 Review: The Best Cameras On A Phone Right Now

When I reviewed the Huawei P9 about a year past, one of the items that got my attention was how proud Huawei was of its Chinese origins, flaunting the device was “Made in China” when all other Chinese brands (and American brands, like Ivanka Trump’s clothes line or Apple) attempts to conceal that fact. The most shameless of these may be Shenzhen-based ZTE, which places “Designed in USA” to the carton of its own Axon 7 smartphone.
But should not Huawei be proud? It is tablet computers and a giant technology power that does not only makes martphones, but telecommunication equipment to more than 170 nations.
The mobiles, obviously, are not too shabby either. The P10, the company’s latest, continues on the tendency of extremely good-built handsets with powerful Leica-branded cameras. The P9 was a fairly good phone, and the Mate 9 Pro was a truly amazing phone (in my estimation the top smartphone of 2016). Can the Huawei P10 Lite Prezzo continue the trend?
First, let us discuss hardware layout. The P10 feels just like a continuance of the P9 brand while also making some radical changes. Example: the double-camera Leica setup in the corner of the unit under a visor that is black in the P9 returns for the P10, but the fingerprint detector of the phone has proceeded to the front in the rear. The phone keeps the same cool brushed-metal rear of the P9, but all the boxy/square-ish corners are dampened drastically into an iPhone-like body in the P10. Because my review unit is black in all, the phone looks amazing, most likely, and that I believe that’s, by far, the most effective colour/texture on gadgets.

Raquel (Author)