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In other times watching black and white television with your family was the most, it was just a matter of turning on the television and tuning your favorite channel to watch your favorite movie or series, there were also the so-called drive-in cinema where you could get directly with your car and see a movie, as the years went on the technology was changing and improving offering other types of entertainment, for example the movies in 3d, of course this is not something new but it is used more frequently in the film industry, but the latest is the 7d technology that adds 3-dimensional hologram. However, advances in technology also have their disadvantages as the costs of the tickets are increased to cover all the expenses that this deserves.

On the other hand cable TV is another good option, if you do not want to go to the cinema to watch a movie, you may save some money depending on the package of channels you have or the subscription to premium channels such as Netflix or HBO, the advantage of having cable television is that you are in the comfort of your home with friends and family, if you have a large television, good sound, good seats, a good amount of popcorn and soda, then the multimedia experience would be close to watching movies in the cinema .

However, having cable TV or hiring premium channels cost a lot and the movies that you show or buy can only be watched for a limited time, you cannot borrow such movies because they are only available to be watched with your television with the help of the decoder, There are also cases where films are available at a time where many are doing work, for this reason you cannot see the movies you love so much.

With the two previous examples one could say that it is expensive to watch movies, another option would be to wait for the month or the time necessary for the movies to be released on CDs. However, the internet can be a good option, although it is not always safe to enter sites in search of online movies or to download, many of these sites only want to have access to your credit card, others are only fake places that They take the user to a dead end. However, not everything is lost, and there are still reliable sites to achieve what we want. movies123 is the best option to watch movies online or simply download them.

Unlike other sites where you pay, is totally free. The first thing you should do is register, after this you can watch your movies online or download them without any inconvenience. When you log into your account you will see on the main page the different film covers with stars and numbering, these are user ratings , in the page you will see different options but among the most outstanding is the genre tab that breaks down the movies and series according to their genre, then in the movies and series tab that show you the most popular results, the premiere to come and other options , shows other options that call the options for example the people tab, in this option you can locate information and curiosities related to those actors of the big screen. Something that highlights this page is its way of viewing multimedia content online, the information on the page is hosted on servers that makes it easy to watch movies online using the streaming method.
The streaming method is the temporary storage of data, that is, if a user wants to see a movie, it is temporarily stored and deleted once it is seen. In the case of downloads, the page offers the user multiple server options to download movies. The truth with all the above said is an excellent page