How to tell which is the best baby crib mattress?

Buying a best crib mattress for your baby is not a joke. With every company out there claiming to have the best baby crib mattress, choosing one that fits your budget and one that will also be the best for your baby can be a tough endeavor.
But, if you know how to go about choosing the best mattress for your baby, it can be a rather easy task.
First of all, if you want nothing but the best for your baby, you must choose a baby mattress that has a Greenguard Gold certification. This is a very high certification level that is only given to crib mattress manufactures who use only the safest of materials in the construction of their mattresses.
It is no surprise that these mattresses are usually a bit more on the high end when it comes to price. A mattress with a Greenguard Gold certification will also usually have a Certipur-US certification as well. This is another certification that guarantees extremely low toxicity levels in the materials used to manufacture the mattress for the crib.
It is also very important that you only by a crib mattress with a standard size. All cribs are of a standard size and you must buy a mattress of the same. Never buy mattresses that are bigger than your crib, thinking it will come in handy when your baby grows. The reason is that folding the mattress in your baby’s crib can mean that your baby can crawl under the folds and suffocate itself, all in a matter of minutes.
Next, it is a must that you choose a mattress that is hypoallergenic. This will prevent your baby from generating any allergies, if it is allergic to anything. After all, it is too early in its life to even tell if it is allergic to certain things. So it would be smart to play it safe with a hypoallergenic mattress.

Raquel (Author)