How to Talk to Your Physician About Medical Marijuana

Let us promptly address the elephant in the room: marijuana is a contentious material which has been painted in an intensely negative light by decades of punitive legislation, ethical disapprobation, and anxiety – public service announcements and mongering media coverage. For a lot of patients, especially those among the old generations, requesting their doctor about medical marijuana just isn’t as simple as inquiring about the benefits of “standard” drugs made by pharmaceutical makers. Discussing honestly, best selling, name brand prescription drugsare not scheduled materials: they just do not invoke the stresses and same approaches.

It’s absolutely understandable if broaching the topic of medical marijuana initially allows you to feel uneasy — simply keep reminding yourself that your health and health is what matters most. Enhancing your quality of life certainly and handling your symptoms takes precedence over your doctor’s personal feelings. Consider obtaining a second opinion from a physician that will honor your concerns in case your doctor is scornful, judgmental, or dismissive of your questions about medical Cannabis on any basis which isn’t strictly medical and concentrate not on belief and prejudice, but on assisting you to feel a lot better. In other words, in the end, any doctor’s job — not chastising patients for being proactive about their health.
We have written this short article to help give nervous, inexperienced patients some basic guidance about how to open up the dialogue about medical marijuana, or uncertain. After you have got an investigation, we welcome you to phone Inhale MD at (617) 477-8886 to talk with Dr. Jordan Tishler about getting started as a Massachusetts medical marijuana patient in a private consultation. Dr. Tishler has more than 20 years of experience treating customers for a broad variety of states, and can help you understand some of the healthcare alternatives that may be accessible to you.
Is it Legal to Ask Your Physician About Getting a Marijuana Prescription?
Above all, let us make that requesting your doctor about the health benefits of medical marijuana is not illegal. You is not going to be criminally charged only for asking about whether Cannabis could help your symptoms, and will not be reported to law enforcement. The truth is, in the 2002 case of Conant v. Walters, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in favor of protecting patients and doctors’ right to seek and share medical information about healing Cannabis. Chief Judge Mary M. Schroeder said the following in a written opinion:

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