How To Shop For The Indoor Roller Blinds

Desire indoor roller blinds for the room windows for bringing up the favorableness of the room in addition to the privacy, well, ‘My Direct Blinds’ is a steady online stop for you. The option of being customizable adds incredibly to our service for better customer experience. The quality of the products, the fabric, and the services are quite captive of your presence on our site, after all, serving the best is the ultimate priority from our side.

The variety in offerings!

A lot of options for the fabric type for the roller blinds are available in our store. The block out, the sunscreen and the light filter have their own indulgence. The best utility of these blinds is in the bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. One can, for sure, dwell in changing the norms for the other ones too. The indoor roller blinds tubes are made from the very strong and rust-resistant aluminum. Our products come with an extended warranty of 5 years. The customer experience stands top there in our list and so, each product we make includes the child safety features on hand. And so the proper instructions and devices for the hanging cords and loops are included with the products. With our products, you get the precision of the Australian premium quality ‘SUNBOSS” chain drive system.

All the rollers come with excess fabric to prevent the exposure of the tube when the blind is unrolled completely. And so the issue of the material getting removed from the tube is derailed. Linked bracket system makes it easy to link together the blinds, like in case of the sliding doors, wide windows, and the bi-folding doors. In addition to the single ones, the double roller blinds to are available in our store. For varying color options for each fabric type, find us over through our website.

Raquel (Author)