How to professionally destroy documents in HongKong?

As a business owner, you very well know how documents pertaining to your business can add up. Reports, audits, accounting, memos, email archives, payroll records are all documents that can easily add up to hundreds and hundreds of pounds in weight.
Not all documents need to be stored for every. Even the government only requires you to store your documents for a period of 7 years, after which you are free to destroy such documents.
Destroying such documents will allow you to free up storage space. More importantly, it will allow you to wipe out the risk of employees accessing old data that can be used for unethical purposes. For example, old records can be retrieved and used for competitive research or to expose company practices, all items that should ideally be kept confidential.
When documents have to be destroyed, it has to be done right, in a professional manner. Throwing documents in the trash or even just running it through office shredders is just not enough. You might have seen many movies where shredded documents have been put together after being retrieved from the trash.
Instead of destroying documents yourself as a business owner, you can send it to a records storage HongKong company that will destroy these documents for you. When you take this route, the professional document company will come and pick up your documents. Then, they will take it to their facility where the documents are professional destroyed. Before being destroyed, they are counted and documented and the entire process is caught on video. Once the documents are destroyed, the video is also destroyed, after being shared with you. The records keeping company will also issue a document or certificate of destruction. Such a certificate will allow you to prove that certain documents have been destroyed, should you ever be demanded to produce such documents in a legal battle, for example.

Raquel (Author)