How to get signs your ex still loves you?

When you break up and you didn’t want to so, you often get surrounded by the questions like how to know if he likes you or what to do when he doesn’t text you back? Well, these questions cross your mind several times until you get the right answer. In a relationship, if one gets cold with the time he starts texting back to your or attending your call. This puts the other person in the tumult of many questions and possibilities to make them go crazy and act insanely.

The first thing one needs to do it to take care of themselves and think rationally. One should not bombard messages on him if he is not replying back. One can text casually and if possible reach out in person. To fix the broken relationship you should start by improving yourself. You have your own thought and actions, that can control. There is no point in changing the other person. So, take initiative and work on yourself, you will attract good people you want in your life and get the positive result from your current relationship.

You can follow no contact rule to make the thing work as your desire. Get over him to the point that you can think clearly and rationally around him and take rational actions to get him back. It is basically getting over a breakup and does all the things you would have done to move on. Stop talking to him and get off on his radar. The no contact rule suggests leaving him alone for a month and removing all the things that remind you of him. Put all birthday cards, gifts given by him out from your sight. Eventually, he will get back to you because he wants to get rid of the feeling of missing you. Moreover, you can look for some signs your ex-loves you, like his regular messages or calls.

Raquel (Author)