How to be creative at making feature films

If you want to be proficient at producing films like Jason Murphy, you must practice film production every day. As an independent filmmaker, you must be creative if you want your films to be noticed. Being creative is generally a full-time job for all independent filmmakers. If your craft is microscopic, there are certain things you can do on a daily basis to better your craft. It is important to understand that a movie can take years to produce. This process includes writing the story, casting, budgeting, producing and editing the movie. Since there are many things involved, how exactly can you practice filmmaking?

First, always carry a camera with you. It is impossible to film every day, but you can always take pictures. With a camera, you will be able to look for stories within a frame and even tap into emotions. This will enable you keep a keen eye on your storytelling techniques because it is easy to lose this skill if you are not careful. Take the example of Jason Murphy. Jason Murphy is an accomplished film producer, director and VFX artist. Jason has produced and directed several features but he is always available for freelance work.

He can do freelance work as a photographer, film producer and VFX artist. By getting involved in freelance work, Jason Murphy is able to keep a keen eye on his storytelling techniques since inspiration always comes from unexpected things. Secondly, always try to write a scene from time to time. While there are many ways of honing your abilities to tell a story in a film, writing a scene every day is very effective. It is free, requires no pre-production, no crew and you can do it anytime. Writing a scene daily helps to sharpen your general understanding of drama and tension in a film. This is also a better way of understanding what makes a story work.

Raquel (Author)