Get Gardenscapes unlimited stars by levelling up

Gardenscapes is a very fun game and has gained huge popularity lately due to its amazing puzzles and exciting bonuses. This game is not only about matching tiles. It’s about finding missing objects, building up gardens and uncovering exciting bonuses and power ups. You can level up more quickly by learning about more Gardenscapes hack and cheats.

Experience a whole new community centring this game
This game has an option to connecting to Facebook while playing. So that you will know which of your friends are playing this game and what are their scores. You and your friend can exchange a few insights and tricks as well while playing. But if you do not want to be connected with your social media friends via this game then there is an option for that as well.
This game has a Newsfeed feature where different players’ characters can leave comments and their advancement in the game. Each and every character has their own personality and they share their stories with each other.
Why is Gardenscapes easier for beginners?
• Clear and simple moves.
• Instructions at each and every new move.
• Attractive graphics.
• Underlying story alongside the game.
• Lots of levels and extra tasks to earn more points and gardenscapes unlimited stars .
Useful tips and tricks to earn more Gardenscapes free coins
• If you match four pieces of same type then you will gain a fire cracker power-up. Swap this power-up with any other piece to make an explosion.
• If you match five pieces in a shape of T or L then will be able to uncover bomb power up. You can create an explosion with the help of this power by double tapping it.
• There is another power-up called a rainbow up. It cannot be created by matching tiles. It will be charged up only by using other power-ups. You can remove all the pieces of same type with the help of this.
• There are many Gardenscapes cheats to win more coins and level up.

Raquel (Author)