Facts and figures about AR 15 rifle

AR 15 has gained much popularity in recent times in many countries especially in the USA. This gun is available in the market and is easily obtainable by any individual. At the end of 2013, a report revealed that there was nearly 9 million of this weapon already purchased by the people. This fact was estimated by National Shooting Sports Foundation of USA. The AR rifle has been used since long for assaults. There are mass shootings done with it after which the number of ar 15 for sale increases. The complete count of this rifle circulating among individuals is not available as the government of federals has no such law that makes the registration of the long guns mandatory on part of the purchasers neither do the government has a track on the number of guns manufactured, sold and purchased.

The AR 15 gained its popularity due to its following characteristics- it is very easy to use it and requires no training or help to learn the ways of using, the recoiling factor is nominal in this rifle, and the firing rate is also stunning. The shooting rate depends on the ability to pull the trigger of the rifle which makes the rifle a semi-automatic one. The firing does not stop as long as the magazine is not empty or the user does not stop pulling the trigger. The reliability towards the harsher environment becomes very limited with the piston type gas chambers and mainly when the type of the carbines used in the rifles are of the non-precision types. The cost relating to all the parts of the AR 15 ammunition is more or less the same. Though when customized there are some alterations in price. But people who customize their rifle have that factor in mind and hence customizes accordingly.

Raquel (Author)