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Facebook Hack: The Fear of Being Hacked

Hacking accounts and viruses have turned out to be so common nowadays and they are not considered as dangerous as they used to be. This is a wrong concept and hacks and viruses or any such attempts should be taken very seriously. Hacks and viruses are created just to have access to your, your family’s or your friend’s personal or confidential information. If we talk about internet, social networking is one of the common things done and facebook is the most famous and most widely accessed website nowadays. But the problem is this is one of the most widely hacked website too. People’s account information is not considered safe and secure. There can be many reasons to hack facebook accounts, sometimes it’s just for fun, sometimes it’s for spying, sometimes it is done to get access to confidential official information, sometimes it is to black-mail people to get money and the list goes on and on.

One of the common ways to facebook hack is done by sending friend’s request. People with bad intentions, get access to victim’s profile page or email id and send friend request. This request is when accepted, they eventually send virus through any file and get hold of the victim’ personal information, pictures or videos etc. So better, be careful when accepting an unknown friend request.
Email id and passwords are one of the common ways to protect you online. The key here is to use as many different passwords as you can. This will help you not to mess your all email ids and only block one that has been attacked by facebook hacker or viruses.
If you see so many of your facebook friends to send or share similar message, there are possibilities that it is an attempt to hack your account or possibly a virus. So, better not to contract such messages or open such links. You can even report the links and ask your friends or family members to inquire if they intended to send you that particular message or not.
There are many ways to (como hackear facebook) how to hack facebook account but there are no sure short methods to save your information or retrieve your account properly. The only thing to do is to be vigilant while clicking on any link, message or save password or email id when using public computer and keep on changing your passwords regularly.

Raquel (Author)