Explore the hidden city, with these routes for New York tours

Visiting New York? Whether you are a frequent traveler or your first time in the Big Apple, we are sure there are places you do not know yet. If you doubt it, take a look at these curious tours through the new york city tours that offer

These are unusual itineraries, loaded with information and anecdotes that will never cease to amaze you. Do you know, for example, where to get some freshly baked fortune cookies? The Best Tour guide will take you through the streets of Chinatown to the Golden Fung Wong Bakery headquarters so you can try them. It will also show you the impressive Jinghong, a 10,000 square foot restaurant, tucked away on the second floor of a windowless building, secrets that will share with you if you decide to sign up for the Food Tour in Chinatown.

If your appetite is inclined towards Italian food, then the Pizza Tour is for you. Among others, try those of Susanna, considered the most authentic Italian-style pizzas on this side of the Atlantic. You will also visit Lombardi’s Pizza America, the oldest oven in the city, which has already turned 106 years old, pleasing tourists and locals.

If your interest is not food, there are other alternatives equally tempting. As for example the Ghost Tour, which will take you to the House of Death, hoping to find the specter of Mark Twain; to the Hangman’s Tree, famous for being a witness and participant in numerous deaths; Potter’s Field, the common grave located beneath one of the most beautiful parks in New York.

Special mention deserves the Gangsters tour, which covers the main scenarios where the Italy-American mafia operated, both in real life and in the many film and television versions.

Or the Superhero tours that will take you through the buildings that have served as a set and inspiration for the creators of comics. You can even visit the hidden bar, where comic artists have been gathering for more than 50 years.
Undoubtedly, it is about New York tours that will change your vision of the city.

Raquel (Author)