Do Short-term lenders have low interest rate?

Why not try lending club?

Lending Club is a peer-to-peer lending website peer-to-peer basically means that you can go to the site and you can borrow money. The people you’re borrowing from will be other people that are on the site who choose to put money webbank.
Webbank is a partner of Lending Club that serves two different purpose of lending money and the other part is borrowing money. Once it gets paid back, the side that is lending will acquire huge amount of interest from the loans.

There are personal loans and other types of loans that you can get from Lending Club most of them are in the 1000 to 4000 dollar range. It’s possible that you can go all the way up to $40,000 according to the the Lending Club site fees. All interest will depend on your credit history so the better your credit history the better terms you’re going to get which is of a great help to people with good credit history. This is how loans work no matter where you go there will be an origination fee but with Lending Club that will be between 1% and 6% for borrowers. If your credit history is less than the interest or the charge fee then of course your interest rate of the same deal will be lower. If you have good credit score, it will be lower but when you have a bad credit score it will be higher affecting you in even applying to short-term lenders loan.
It’s going to be higher if you have bad credit affecting the origination fee. For example, you are loaned $2,000 and the origination fee is 5%, which will affect you to finally get $1,900 once the origination fee is deducted.

Raquel (Author)