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Eczema is a skin condition, which occurs because the body does not provide the necessary nutrients to the outermost layer and becomes susceptible to infections. Coconut oil for eczema relieves symptoms, such as itching and the appearance of the skin.

This condition is not contagious. CocoMe oil protects from damage that could be caused by bacteria and fungi. In addition, it provides nutrients and the beeswax establishes a protective layer.
Also, it cleanses the skin and helps to deflate sick areas. To apply it, you must wash the area with cold water, then place a generous amount of CocoMe oil and leave to act. It is not necessary to remove it.
Coconut oil for sunburn manages to moisturize the skin damaged by the sun, controls the itching and retards the inflammation caused by UV rays. It is an excellent sunscreen, although if your skin is very delicate, you must place a stronger protector.
To apply it as a burn treatment, you have to cool the skin. Once cool, it is applied to the affected area, giving freshness and calming the burning sensation. It is important to drink coconut water and stay hydrated to recover lost electrolytes.
The tattoos represent a very serious and permanent damage to the skin. Infections, poor healing, and inflammation may occur. The coconut oil on tattoo allows a protective barrier to be formed and prevents infections due to medium chain unsaturated fats.
Vitamin E prevents the skin from drying and breaking and provides the necessary free radicals, so that the skin comes back to life, causing a faster recovery and rejuvenation of the area.
To clean a tattoo you have to wait 48 hours, then place the CocoMe oil and pass the antibacterial soap.
Coconut oil vs Mineral Oil, coconut oil is safe to use on open wounds, without risk of damage. It is applied in burns and has cosmetic uses. Rejuvenates moisturizes the skin and restores the smoothness of the skin.
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