Discover all the options of episode hack and develop an amazing game

Customize your game is not very common among games on the web. Most entertainments come with a structure in which rules can not be transformed and must adhere to a fixed pattern.
The experience in episode free passes is totally different because here you can make up stories with characters that are in your mind and mold fantastic stories, which reflect a bit the reality you have to live.
Just have a little ingenuity and an iOS or Android phone to start a story where you can be the protagonist and do what you have always dreamed, regardless of whether it is too risky or even impossible.

With episode cheats you will become the most famous athlete or a recognized actor, really, it does not matter. The decisive thing is that the player is the one who defines the steps to follow and who sets the guidelines. It is guaranteed that upon entering you will be trapped by a plot so interesting and fun, that it will not be easy to stop.
To start you have to have episode free passes, like game coins, and gems. They are usually free, but if you want to get more benefits you can buy them. The gems are necessary to build the story.
As you configure the plot, you will spend gems until they run out. To get them for free, you have to request keys from other players, through a forum entry available on the site.
Once you request it, you must wait a bit to get it and continue playing. Another possibility to get gems is to wait for them to be filled. In this case, you should wait a little longer, as the system fills them daily.
For those who do not have much patience and do not want to wait to develop the game, it is suggested not to open any file that is on the web and that is shaded. The main reason is that they may contain viruses and are not safe.
To obtain passes it is not necessary to spend large amounts of money or wait a long time. The processes to acquire them can be found on the website https://www.levelshack.com/episode/.