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One of the great revolutions of the 21st century has been the appearance of the cryptocurrency. The first to appear and the best known at present is Bitcoin, created by Satoshi Nakamoto and whose value in the virtual market is the highest. But since then an incredible amount of cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin to mention a few, have also caught the attention of investors, each of them with particular characteristics.

Many people are already experiencing the advantages of the P2P network, or person to person, through the virtual currency. And to be aware of everything that happens in this market, pages like have emerged. is an updated and accurate news portal regarding cryptocurrencies. There you can find out the current value of Bitcoin, the Ethereum and others, as well as information on Blockchain, ICO, mining, global regulation and new developments within the industry in general.

With its “Crypto Charts” you can get the latest prices updated for all types of cryptocurrencies imaginable, the latest market statistics to the minute.

Bitcoin is a virtual currency that has seen its value multiplied since its appearance on the forex market and only those who have closely observed its movements have seen its potential as a gold mine. Connoisseurs of the subject do not rule out the possibility that other cryptocurrencies that currently are not as popular or demanded, may in the near future, equal or surpass Bitcoin.

It is for this reason that it is absolutely necessary to follow closely all news related to these issues, and makes your task easier. Instead of browsing for hours in different portals, in you can filter the information by categories and access only the material that really interests you, about the cryptocurrency that you manage and everything about its evolution in the market.

Raquel (Author)